Awesome year is traditionally a time for reflection and the making of resolutions.

Folks are more significant than anything else in all our lives, and our families
and friends absolutely the most significant. It appears natural that they should have an
Significant part in the work of any photographer. For me they’ve been the
starting point for an investigation of photography that has led me out in many and
Diverse directions.
We are not overlooking the fact that boys also like
slumber parties (between us we have raised three
Lads who all like sleep overs). You can make the proper substitutes for
Lads: favourite car or truck instead of stuffed animal or Barbie doll, prizes and
Send off goodies suitable for boys, etc. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the
same-except you may get less sleep if the guests are boys, as they tend to remain
up after and likely will eat more munchies. You may also want to read the
Post we ran on November, 1998 on Super Sleep-Overs.
A great slumber party starts with good planning. Through the years, our kids
have had several parties so here’s what we’ve learned to do (and not do). First
Determine how many guests and after that check to ensure there’s enough floor space
for that many sleeping bags and paraphernalia. Do not invite too many guests;
Typically four or five friends who get along together.
Not all preteens are prepared for slumber parties. It is better to check with
parents first to see if the child has spent the night away from their parents,
saving you a phone call to the parents in the middle of the night and likely
embarrassment of the child. Also check to see if any child has any unique
Well-being needs such as diabetes and ensure you’re aware of any medications and
insulin injections that’ll be needed. Learn if the child gives their own
injection or will want more than just your observance. Also find out if there
are any food allergies. Is ?
The invitations should comprise a list of what the child will be to bring-sleeping
bag, pillow, pajamas, robe, slippers, a stuffed animal or their favored Barbie,
Private items, and a torch (have a supply of extra batteries on hand). Be
Certain to include the pick up time for the next morning. Do not hand out the
invitations in front of girls that are not being invited to the party.
Remove all litter from the party area, removing all breakable items. Afterward
transform your sleeping space into a party area. Attach several brilliantly colored
streamers to the ceiling in the centre of the region, then stretch the streamers
out to the side, twisting as you go, for form a teepee shape. Create a
comfortable area to lounge and speak by piling pillows in all shapes, sizes, and
Shades from around the house into a huge squishy knoll. Place a nightlight in the
bathroom and keep halls lit. When the guests arrive, give them a tour of the
“party” place, pointing out areas of the house that are off limits. It is also
Great to clarify the “rules of the house” – no screaming, jumping on the
furniture, no television after the video, only one man in the toilet at a
time, and all the other rules they learned in school. Assure the girls that if
they desire you (the parent), you’ll be nearby. If they desire you (the parent) to
go away, forget it-you will be nearby.”

You’ll need to plan on some late night munchies. Discuss with your diabetic
child in advance just how much they may eat. Also request the parents of any
other child with diabetes to instruct their kid. Good selections are miniature,
quartered sandwiches, mini-bagels sp read with low fat cream cheese, cherry
tomatoes, baby carrots, popcorn, pretzels, little plastic bottles of springtime
water, etc.
Strategy on several games including a stuffed animal (or Barbie) race-line the creatures
(or dolls) upwards at the “starting line,” then place pieces of colored paper to mark
off 15 to 20 spaces on the floor. Shuffle a deck of cards. Deal a card to each
person, then have them move their animal the amount of spaces shown on the card.
An ace counts as 1; king, queen, or jack need to begin at the start line or go
back to the start line until the next turn. The owner of the first creature or
Barbie to reach the “finish” line wins a prize.
Face painting is always enjoyable. Face paints are available at most costume or hobby
shops. Have a teen sister or neighbor hired to help create hearts, flowers,
stars, butterflies, etc. on the girls cheeks. Make sure to provide a mirror so
They’re able to see what’s being done. When it is time for lights out, tissues and cold
cream will easily wipe off the paints so that they don’t stain their sleeping
bags or pillows.
Torch limbo will get lots of laughs. Turn off the lights and have someone
shine a torch straight out, about 3 feet off the floor. Turn on some
“Awesome” music and have the girls take turns “limboing” under the beam without
ducking forwards or touching the floor with her hands or knees. If any part of
her body touches the beam of light, she’s outside. After everyone’s had a turn,