Naked News Roundup: What We Are Reading This Week

Body Image
– At 419 pounds, Stavros Luca isn’t your typical beauty pageant contestant. But that didn’t keep this body-assured man from entering the Mr. Gay UK contest. With overwhelming support in the crowd, Stavros won 1st place! The narrative is amazing and inspirational, but it does not quite have a happy ending. The local news coverage erased him in the story, and event coordinators decide to disqualify on him two days after on a bullshit technicality. Read the complete story here, and the brief Guardian documentary (embedded at the end) is worth viewing. [Mic]
Results from among BuzzFeed’s Body Image Survey Questions
– BuzzFeed began size” model and body acceptance supporter Tess Munster went on HuffPost Live to talk about shows off naked and her past and present challenges with her body image.
– Renowned “plus a Body Image Survey on Friday. Thus far nearly 60% of respondents said they have a poor body image and 33% said they believe negative thoughts about their body “more than several times a day.” The second question asks if you think you look better naked or clothed – only 16% said “nude.” They also polled about how much you love or loathe particular body parts. Only 13% said they love their vagina. But for the member question, 91% said they do not have a member, so maybe men were not interested in this survey at all? In any case, one thing is clear: there is still much work to be done on the body image front!

Topfree Equality
– The nipple was eventually freed this weekend with the Free The Nipple movie release! The reviews are kind of abysmal. Up to now I Had describe the consensus as “well-intentioned, but shallow and amateurish.” The New York Times described it as “first and foremost the cinematic equivalent of a billboard.” I went to the premiere last week and will be posting my own review. For now, here’s one of the favorable reviews that I appreciated in Time, which focuses on why topfree equality issues.
Naked Yoga
– Another writer attempted a NYC naked yoga class at Bold & Naked Yoga, and gave a cunning, positive account of her encounter. Though note that coed naked yoga continues to be going on in NY for years, and she actually is incorrect saying that Bold & Naked is the first. [Nicely Great]
– As mentioned in the preceding Naked News Roundup, a UK documentary called “The Naked Village” aired last week. It focuses a nudist club in nudist birthday party called Spielplatz. Based with this sympathetic review, it sounds somewhat glum. The whole 45-minute documentary can be streamed on YouTube. [The Guardian]
Rogen and Franco on and Afraid. Jpg: Discovery Channel
– To promote their new film, Seth Rogen and James Franco did a spoof episode of Naked and Afraid. There were some good jokes, and they managed to do it without body-shaming. The best line: Seth asking for a giant blur on his crotch region. It’s possible for you to view it online here.
Oldie but Goodie
– Initially printed in Bitch magazine in 2012, this in-depth report on naturism is outstanding. It is favorable overall, but the writer brings up some valid criticisms and questions about the future of the naturist movement. Anyone concerned with the future of naturism should read it. [Bitch Magazine / Alternet]
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