Never Forget Your Fkk Roots & The AANR-East Convention

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Nudist Roots:
I An outside consultant was brought in to ease what I believed were some very productive work group sessions. This workshop was fairly timely after my post last time that dealt with eyesight. The group was divided into four teams to brainstorm on various areas dealing with re-imagining an organization from it’s very foundation upward. If we can stay out of our own way I have high hopes for what eventually emerged from that day for AANR-East and possibly beyond.
I reminded people that none of the present structures of “arranged ” that we have now wouldn’t exist were it not for the movement that gave them birth.
Fkk Roots
Part of my personal vision is that more key people in all of the organizational constructions both awesome and old would remember our roots and if you haven’t been around long enough to remember those roots then do some primary research to find them. As url with membership and closely related financial problems we need to remember the passion of our first love with nudism and nudism. I’m firmly convinced that if and enthusiastic people are willing to lead with less worry about who’s in charge then the rest will follow. Don’t support organizations for accompanying perks like auto, travel, and blossom reductions but instead support them because you support the vision.
Now – you organizations – we want to believe – establish the speed and help us believe!
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